Episode 21: Building an Authentic Brand with Julia Landauer

 am so thrilled to introduce today’s featured guest, Julia Landauer. Julia is a two-time champion NASCAR racer from New York City. Since making history at the age of 14 as the youngest and first female driving champion from the Skip Barber Racing Series, Julia has explored and won in all types of racing, from go karts, to formula cars, to stock cars. Now at 25-years-old, Julia has her NASCAR license and is making history with her wins in a local NASCAR series in Virginia. 

Episode 20: Playing For the Long Game in Business Growth with Stephan Sherman

On today’s episode, our featured guest is Stephan Sherman. Stephan is the founder and Creative Chief Officer of Super Evil Megacorp, which is a gaming and eSports developer. The company’s first title, Vain Glory, quickly rose to become the world’s largest mobile eSport app after it’s global launch in early 2015. 

Episode 19: Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with Patrick Freuler

Today’s featured guest is Patrick Freuler, the founder, and CEO of Audicus, which offers high- tech, affordable hearing aids by selling them straight to consumers, online. Audicus is changing the way hearing loss is diagnosed and treated by providing remote hearing test solutions, which they do by offering free hearing test apps on desktops and iOS.

Episode 18: Leveraging Genuine Relationships for Explosive Career Growth with Daronte Jones

Daronte Jones shares just what it's taken to ascend from a high school coach to the coaching staff of the Miami Dolphins. Whether you're a fan of football or not, this is an intriguing conversation filled with practical advice for those looking to pursue their passion at all costs.

Episode 17: Seize Your Passion with Rachel Ellner Lebensohn

Rachel Ellner Lebensohn and I talk about why the popularity and effectiveness of digital media today makes it the perfect tool for storytelling. She also touches on why her business Seyopa is aiming to bring diverse voices to the world of self-help gurus, and what it takes to connect with young people in that space. We also dive into Rachel's experiences when she took a break from the workforce to have a family. Finally, she shares some of her best tips for maintaining balance in life and why consistent habits are the key to success.

Episode 16: Breaking Into a Dope Industry (Literally) with Justin Lee

Justin Lee is the founder of The Honey Cellar, a leading recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. While he had a long road to entrepreneurship, Justin has become incredibly passionate about ins and outs of running his own business and promoting greater education about cannabis products.

Justin joins us to talk about some of the biggest challenges he faces as a business owner in such a tightly-regulated industry. He shares some of the mistakes he sees fellow entrepreneurs making in Colorado and across the country as the market for legal marijuana widens, and discusses the many intricacies of growing and selling cannabis. 

Episode 15: Planning for Success & High-End Clientele with Ben Moss

Here on The BOOST Podcast, we often talk about how freeing entrepreneurship can be - but today's story is a little different. Ben Moss is a luxury real estate specialist based in Miami, Florida who has repped dozens of athletes and entertainers in their transactions. Ben used to run his own business, but after he realized it was compromising his relationships, time, and enjoyment of the work, he decided to let it go. 

Ben talks about his journey from commercial real estate to serving high-end residential clients, and how the professionalism he learned on the commercial side gives him an edge today. He also speaks about his emphasis on forming strong relationships with clients and other people in the business. 

Episode 14: Taking the Leap to Start Your Business with Adam Kaplan

Adam Kaplan, left a comfortable job at his father's company to do just that - so today he's sharing that journey. Adam is the founder and CEO of Solera Senior Living, a platform for the development and operation of luxury communities for seniors. Adam joins us to talk about his strategies at Solera, the importance of networking and strategic partnerships, and why he left his father's company to build his own. 

Episode 13: Building a Business with Self-Care with Gracy Obuchowicz

Gracy Obuchowicz is a renaissance woman who is steeped in the mechanics and benefits of self-care. Gracy is a yoga instructor, a coach, a professional photographer, and a self-care mentor.

Her specialty is working with successful but overwhelmed women to help them slow down and enjoy their lives.

Episode 12: Branding Yourself for Success with Suzie Ivelich

Suzie Ivelich is a San Francisco-based branding expert who works with a broad range of businesses and professionals, she has worked in the U.S. and abroad before starting her firm - Suzie Ivelich Consulting. She helps clients ensure that their target audiences understand what they stand for and what their business is all about.

Episode 11: Running a Successful Mission-Driven Startup with Scott Moody

Scott Moody is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed an illustrious career as a tech genius in the startup world. Now, he’s combining his skills with a heart for serving an overlooked demographic as the CEO of K4Connect.

Scott was the CEO and Co-founder of AuthenTec, a leading provider of fingerprint sensor and security solutions. Today he discusses his approach to creating an encore career and why he felt compelled to return to the startup world after an inspiring encounter in Rwanda. 


Episode 10: Be True to You with Ashley Tobias

Ashley Tobias is a triple threat, having made a career as a broadway star, public speaker, and backup singer. Ashley's innate ability to connect with children inspired her interactive anti-bullying assembly series, Be True to You. BTTY uses pop-rock to teach kids about how to combat bullying, build confidence, and learn about teamwork.

Episode 9: Fitness and Networking Collide with The fitCene Founders

 Mary Jo Slidell, Lauren Rice, and Jill Wiener are lifetime exercise lovers, longtime friends, and mothers - and a year ago they joined forces to establish the fitness business they were looking for. Mary Jo, Lauren and Jill wanted to create a way for women who were looking for workout buddies, new classes, and accountability to connect. This inspired the fitCene, which in its first year hosted over 50 events at local studios, parks, and restaurants for women bonding over fitness. 

Episode 8: It's All About Grit with Param Jaggi

Param Jaggi is the 22-year-old CEO of Hatch, a code-free mobile app builder, and an innovator since the age of 13! Armed with an innate curiosity about the world around him, Param spent his childhood building and taking apart anything he could; unlike most other kids, he used discouragement from adults as fuel for his ideas and ambition.

Episode 7: Detach Yourself from Failure with Tiffany Houser

Tiffany Houser is a Health & Lifestyle Coach who shares her personal path to coaching and what a coach can do for you. When Tiffany began coaching, she did so to fill a need in her community:  she literally raised her hand to helping people who were interested in bettering their health. She found her passion in coaching.

Episode 6: Owning Your Own Care with Kym Martin

Kym Martin is a keynote speaker and founder of 360 Degree Insights, a strategic healthcare consulting firm, and a 4-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed with cancer in her teens, twenties, thirties, and forties, it was important for Kym to turn her experience into a meaningful contribution to the healthcare industry. Armed with personal knowledge of patient psyche at the varying degrees of engagement, she works to help the industry better understand the needs of the patients.

Episode 5: Bringing Real Solutions to Real Problems with Michael Ly

Michael Ly has gone from comptroller to CFO over his career and now leads two firms that he started, Reconciled It and Burlington CFO.  Michael discusses the importance of creating a business that solves a real problem and how that idea led to his transition from a comfortable CFO job to building his own consulting practice.

Episode 4: Making the Most of Opportunities with Mike Szabo

Mike Szabo is an award-winning landscape architect with nearly 20 years of experience and the founder of Szabo Landscape Architecture.  In December 2013,  Mike moved his family from San Diego, California, to Bend, Oregon.  He opened the doors to his business on January 1, 2014, in a town where he didn't know a single person except for his in-laws.

Episode 3: The Power of Events with Jenny Lannon

Jenny is leading the charge to build a health tech scene in Miami, Florida. She runs Business Development for dotHealth, the company behind the launch of the .HEALTH domain extension, and BUILDING, Miami's premier collaborative workspace designed for growing companies and individuals serving the tech ecosystem. She also co-leads the Miami chapter of Health 2.0. 

Episode 2: Build Your Own Dream with Jenn Hing

Jenn is the CEO of G of G Inc, which is a high-end staffing agency of over 5000 team members serving events in Canada and the US, and the co-founder of Elle Power, a blog that inspires, motivates and shares success stories of female entrepreneurs. She was honored as one of 17 Toronto Girl Bosses You Will Totally Look Up To and recently named a Notable Young Entrepreneur in Canada.