Episode 30: Accelerating the Development of High-Potential Young Leaders With Carrie Rich

I am so fired up to introduce today’s featured guest, Carrie Rich. Carrie is the CEO and Co-founder of The Global Good Fund, which is built by and for social entrepreneurs. It was created in 2012 when Carrie was just 26-years-old, based on the belief that growing leaders is the best strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good.

Episode 29: How to Take Risks and Get Over the Fear of the Unknown With Michael Sacca

Today on the show I am pleased to introduced Michael Sacca. Michael was President of Crew, which has sourced freelancers for over $30 million in design and development projects. Crew was just acquired by Dribbble, which is a community of creative designers who share small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects. Michael led the negotiations for the acquisition of Crew and became the Head of Sales and Marketing at Dribbble. He's also the host of Rocketship.fm, a business podcast that's focused on inspiring entrepreneurs. 

Episode 28: Finding Success by Outsourcing Your Business with Daniel Gefen

Today I am excited to introduce today’s featured guest, Daniel Gefen. Daniel is the host of the Can I Pick Your Brain Podcast, as well as the founder of Jet Virtual, a telephone answering service and virtual office business with locations all over the world. He is also the cofounder of Get Featured, which helps small brands go from obscurity to celebrity. Although he’s built a successful career, Daniel has certainly had his ups and downs, which we will get into today.  

Episode 27: Harnessing the Power of Creative Disruption With Josh Linkner

Today’s featured guest is Josh Linkner. Josh has spent his career harnessing the power of creative disruption. His journey has been non-traditional at every step. As the founder and CEO of five tech companies, Josh built his businesses from a blank page into a combined value of over $200 million. As a hyper-growth CEO of over 20 years, he’s used innovative approaches to topple competitors, fight through adversity, and achieve at the highest levels. 

Episode 26: How to Advise Start-ups and Find Your Product/Market Fit with Ben Foster

Today’s featured guest is Ben Foster. Ben is a full-time product advisor who’s currently working with over a dozen startups up and down the East Coast, through his firm, Foster Innovation. He has a top notch reputation amongst Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are eager to get his guidance as they scale their companies.

Episode 25: Discover How the World Sees You With Sally Hogshead

Today’s featured guest is Sally Hogshead. Sally skyrocketed to the top of the advertising profession in her early 20’s. By age 24 she was the most award-winning advertising copywriter in the US. Her campaigns for brands such as MINI Cooper, Nike, Godiva, and Coca-Cola have fascinated millions of consumers. At the age of 27, she opened her first ad agency and her work still hangs in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. 

Episode 24: How to Channel a Successful Career into a Start-Up Venture With Jay Newton-Small

Today on the podcast we are delighted to welcome Jay Newton-Small. Jay is the cofounder of Memory Well, which is an online platform that empowers caregivers to provide compassionate and empathetic care, and the do this by having journalists tell the stories of people who can’t tell their own, which helps caregivers understand them and improve their quality of life. Memory Well was launched in September of 2016, and it’s off to a really impressive start. Just a few weeks ago, in March 2017, Jay and her team took home the top prize of $130,000 in the launch category at the Inaugural WeWork Awards. 

Episode 23: Learning How to Listen With Bob London

Today’s featured guest is Bob London, the founder and CEO of Chief Listening Officers, which helps mid-sized B2B tech and professional services firms in the software, SaaS, data, financial services, and healthcare sectors really listen to their customers and develop marketing strategies that speak to them. Bob is a 20-year marketing leader who pioneered the outsourced chief marketing officer concept in 2003 when he founded London Inc., a B2B marketing consultancy. He’s worked with, advised, and mentored dozens of small and mid-sized companies on their marketing strategy and execution, serving as an interim or part-time CMO. 

Episode 22: How to Wow with Frances Cole Jones

On today’s episode, our featured guest is Frances Cole Jones. Frances is the author of How to Wow: Proven strategies for selling your brilliant self in any situation, and Wow Your Way Into the Job of Your Dreams. She is also the creator of Interview Wow, which is an iOS app. Forbes voted Frances' blog one of the top 100 websites for women. In 2014, Speaking.com voted Frances one of the top five speakers in communication. She's an etiquette expert, a job interview expert, and a body language expert.

Episode 21: Building an Authentic Brand with Julia Landauer

 am so thrilled to introduce today’s featured guest, Julia Landauer. Julia is a two-time champion NASCAR racer from New York City. Since making history at the age of 14 as the youngest and first female driving champion from the Skip Barber Racing Series, Julia has explored and won in all types of racing, from go karts, to formula cars, to stock cars. Now at 25-years-old, Julia has her NASCAR license and is making history with her wins in a local NASCAR series in Virginia. 

Episode 20: Playing For the Long Game in Business Growth with Stephan Sherman

On today’s episode, our featured guest is Stephan Sherman. Stephan is the founder and Creative Chief Officer of Super Evil Megacorp, which is a gaming and eSports developer. The company’s first title, Vain Glory, quickly rose to become the world’s largest mobile eSport app after it’s global launch in early 2015. 

Episode 19: Disrupting the Hearing Aid Industry with Patrick Freuler

Today’s featured guest is Patrick Freuler, the founder, and CEO of Audicus, which offers high- tech, affordable hearing aids by selling them straight to consumers, online. Audicus is changing the way hearing loss is diagnosed and treated by providing remote hearing test solutions, which they do by offering free hearing test apps on desktops and iOS.

Episode 18: Leveraging Genuine Relationships for Explosive Career Growth with Daronte Jones

Daronte Jones shares just what it's taken to ascend from a high school coach to the coaching staff of the Miami Dolphins. Whether you're a fan of football or not, this is an intriguing conversation filled with practical advice for those looking to pursue their passion at all costs.

Episode 17: Seize Your Passion with Rachel Ellner Lebensohn

Rachel Ellner Lebensohn and I talk about why the popularity and effectiveness of digital media today makes it the perfect tool for storytelling. She also touches on why her business Seyopa is aiming to bring diverse voices to the world of self-help gurus, and what it takes to connect with young people in that space. We also dive into Rachel's experiences when she took a break from the workforce to have a family. Finally, she shares some of her best tips for maintaining balance in life and why consistent habits are the key to success.

Episode 16: Breaking Into a Dope Industry (Literally) with Justin Lee

Justin Lee is the founder of The Honey Cellar, a leading recreational dispensary in Boulder, Colorado. While he had a long road to entrepreneurship, Justin has become incredibly passionate about ins and outs of running his own business and promoting greater education about cannabis products.

Justin joins us to talk about some of the biggest challenges he faces as a business owner in such a tightly-regulated industry. He shares some of the mistakes he sees fellow entrepreneurs making in Colorado and across the country as the market for legal marijuana widens, and discusses the many intricacies of growing and selling cannabis. 

Episode 15: Planning for Success & High-End Clientele with Ben Moss

Here on The BOOST Podcast, we often talk about how freeing entrepreneurship can be - but today's story is a little different. Ben Moss is a luxury real estate specialist based in Miami, Florida who has repped dozens of athletes and entertainers in their transactions. Ben used to run his own business, but after he realized it was compromising his relationships, time, and enjoyment of the work, he decided to let it go. 

Ben talks about his journey from commercial real estate to serving high-end residential clients, and how the professionalism he learned on the commercial side gives him an edge today. He also speaks about his emphasis on forming strong relationships with clients and other people in the business. 

Episode 14: Taking the Leap to Start Your Business with Adam Kaplan

Adam Kaplan, left a comfortable job at his father's company to do just that - so today he's sharing that journey. Adam is the founder and CEO of Solera Senior Living, a platform for the development and operation of luxury communities for seniors. Adam joins us to talk about his strategies at Solera, the importance of networking and strategic partnerships, and why he left his father's company to build his own. 

Episode 13: Building a Business with Self-Care with Gracy Obuchowicz

Gracy Obuchowicz is a renaissance woman who is steeped in the mechanics and benefits of self-care. Gracy is a yoga instructor, a coach, a professional photographer, and a self-care mentor.

Her specialty is working with successful but overwhelmed women to help them slow down and enjoy their lives.

Episode 12: Branding Yourself for Success with Suzie Ivelich

Suzie Ivelich is a San Francisco-based branding expert who works with a broad range of businesses and professionals, she has worked in the U.S. and abroad before starting her firm - Suzie Ivelich Consulting. She helps clients ensure that their target audiences understand what they stand for and what their business is all about.

Episode 11: Running a Successful Mission-Driven Startup with Scott Moody

Scott Moody is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed an illustrious career as a tech genius in the startup world. Now, he’s combining his skills with a heart for serving an overlooked demographic as the CEO of K4Connect.

Scott was the CEO and Co-founder of AuthenTec, a leading provider of fingerprint sensor and security solutions. Today he discusses his approach to creating an encore career and why he felt compelled to return to the startup world after an inspiring encounter in Rwanda.